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Transform opportunities into successful products with strategic development, technical engineering and aesthetic performance.

We integrate 50+ methods & tools in Product Design, Engineering, Branding and Communication. Each intended to help you drive your business forward.

Design Led

Using design thinking we can help drive innovation for high return on investment.

Business Driven

Delivering commercially is what we specialise in, our clients’ success is paramount.

Product Centric

Our user-centred approach helps create value for you and your customers.

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Diagram showing the Realise triple diamond design process, consisting of three main phases: 1. Explore, 2. Develop and 3. Deliver. In 1. Explore, there are two sub phases Discover & Define to answer the question what's the right things to design. In 2. Develop, there are two sub phases, "proof of principle", and "refine & engineer" aiming to "design the thing right". In 3. Deliver, there are 2 sub phases, "Prepare for manufacture" and "Produce & Prove Quality", aiming to ensure the final product can be produced and launched to deliver on the original promise.

Phase 01

Research & Strategy

Design & Concepting

Phase 02

Development & Prototyping

Detailed Engineering

Phase 03

Prepare For Manufacture

Manufacturing Support


Research & Strategy

Gaining a full understanding of your product expectations, competitors and target market creates a strategic foundation to reduce development risk. From here, propositions can be developed into the physical and technical requirements needed to bring them into reality.

Design & Concepting

Generating viable concept imagery in the early stages also supports project communication and buy-in. Design sprints can involve teams and stakeholders within the innovation process, making the most of visualisations and basic models as an invaluable tool for testing assumptions and clarifying routes forward.

Prototype Development & Engineering


This requires our detailed expertise of technical performance, compliance requirements and usability factors, as well as hands-on experience of manufacturing challenges.

Our CAD skills, materials knowledge and prototyping capabilities cover everything needed to refine, optimise and rigorously test your product.

Manufacture Support


Whether you have manufacturers lined-up or need support in finding the right ones, we collaborate with manufacturing services in the UK and internationally.

Carefully preparing for manufacture requires the generation of high-quality documentation ready for suppliers. To de-risk the possibility for errors, we lead a managed communication process that supports tooling and production setup.

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