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Andrew Redman

General Director of Stuff

Andrew is the founder and director of Realise: the man, with the original vision, driving the company forward for over a decade.

Andrew comes from a sailing background, and originally trained as a Naval Architect, but was ultimately drawn to changing the world through product design. He‘ll happily admit he’s more recently defected to skiing!

David Aitken

Design Director

David is a problem-solving genius, unfazed by any design-engineering conundrum, who’s passionate about leading effective creative teams.

His keen interest in product development and experience developing complex products at a large vacuum cleaner manufacturer, afford him an acute skill in turning a client concept into a real product that delivers in the market.

Studio Manager, Ali


Studio Manager

The heartbeat of our creative hub, ensuring that our studio runs like a well-oiled machine. With a passion for organization and a flair for artistic excellence, Ali brings a unique blend of skills and experience to our team.

Alex Lomer

Senior Product Design Engineer

Alex is our resident engineering specialist with a sharp eye for design details and a natural ability for resolving complex technical challenges.

He holds a first-class degree in Mechanical Engineering and specialises in design for manufacture, having spent two years working in the automotive industry and leading multiple successful products through to high-quality manufacture for Realise’s clients.

Callum Taylor

Product Designer

Callum is our go-to visualisations expert, specialising in Keyshot and Adobe to create product renders and photos fit for a gallery.

He graduated with a first-class degree in Industrial Product Design, having designed user-centred products for mental health, sleep deprivation and future technologies.

Dan Walklin

Product Designer

Dan has recently joined Realise, with extensive experience developing products under pressure, including having developed and launched his own tech-product as a start-up in London.

He’s particularly interested in the future of technology in design and for fun has taught himself to fly drones and programming basic electronic controllers.

Pippa Bridges

Product Designer

Pippa has a passion for sustainable design and the Circular Economy, with the aim to make a meaningful, positive contribution to society through products.

She is a 1st Class degree from Loughborough University, RSA Student Design Awards winner.  Pippa is an all rounder in the product design field, joining us with experience in consumer and medical device design, ISO and virtual reality.

Sam Mytton

Product Designer, Sustainability Lead

A 1st class product design graduate from Brunel University London, Sam originally studied engineering, but soon realised he was suited to a broader creative position, where he can explore his talent in branding and visualisation as well as the technical.

Sam is deeply committed to furthering sustainable design and has been a key catalyst in developing our Positive Products framework with Andrew.

Finance Director

Jeff Butt

Financial Director

Jeff has been Realise’s financial guide since incorporation and helps to make sure we stay on the financial map as we grow.

His other passion is orienteering where he coaches both the England and Great Britain junior teams in international competitions. Cool. So now you know who to call if you get lost in the Peak District.

Roxy The Dog, Head of Design Studio Security and sniffer out of IP thieves.


Head Of Security

Roxy is Head of Security and hoovering at Realise. She is an adorable Kelpie Collie and when she isn’t gazing out of the window, growling at dodgy people, or dreaming about sheep, she’s busy trying to get us to play with the squeaky bone or feed her biscuits.

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