People, Planet, Profit

Creating Positive Products

Putting sustainable practices at the heart of our design process, to deliver responsible
products for our clients

‘Positive Products® is our solution to delivering net positive commercial products in balance with People, Planet & Profit.

Social Care

What effect will the product have on users’ lives as well as its wider impact on society?

Earth care

What kind of impact will the product have on the planet through it’s creation, use and disposal?


How will the product be different and what is your appetite for positive change?

How it works

We created a set of tools to lighten up the design decision-making process that helps balance between People, Planet and Profit. We’ll help you identify and bake in positive goals that work for your company while launching products with real triple bottom line wins that are hard to argue with. Our toolkit sits seamlessly within our whole design process, underpinning the thinking at every stage of development.


Find Positive Opportunities

Gain an insight on how your existing and competitor products perform from a Positive Products lens. Our lifecycle analysis tools will help uncover opportunities for easy wins and big impact.


Make Conscious Design Choices

Creating successful circular products requires understanding of the full product lifecycle. Our framework will help give you the full picture so you can ask the right questions and make the best choice for your business.


Keep Production Clean

Manufacture plays a big part of a products environmental impact. We can help you optimise this by choosing considered materials inspired by our materials library, and linking you to our extensive list of suppliers that care.

It’s tough to create real change, we get that…

With so many commercial pressures it’s common that lofty sustainability goals get diluted throughout the design process. That’s why we created Positive Products to help you push big ideas through to production and make meaningful impact.

We’re here to help:

No Headaches

We’ll take you through a step-by-step guided process that breaks down ‘Sustainable Design’ into simple, tangible design opportunities.

Better Business

We can help you balance commercial needs with your positive goals to create successful products without compromising the planet.

Happy Customers

Create products with deeper market penetration that resonate with consumers whilst staying ahead of legislative changes.

A Team Who Cares

We’ve built up the experience and knowledge to help you create Positive Products that do good in the world, that you can be proud of.

‘Design, if it is to be ecologically responsible and socially responsive, must be revolutionary and radical’.

Victor Papanek | Pioneer of Ecological Design

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