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AB Power are on a mission to help the UK achieve 100% renewable energy production with an intelligent vertical axis wind turbine.

Actively Reacts to Wind Direction

Extremely Quiet

More Efficient Than Traditional Turbines

Better in Harsh & Fluctuating Wind Speeds

The Journey

The AB Power Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) is a radical departure from previous fixed blade designs, using more aerodynamically efficient blades independently actuated via an intelligent, machine learning control system to optimise how it responds to wind conditions in real-time.

The increased energy capture competes with traditional turbine designs without the problems like noise or bird strikes, making the ABP VAWT better for urban environments with limited space and more turbulent winds.

The Result? A fully functioning prototype to gather data and a comprehensive design of the final product that’s helped AB Power secure further investment.

Concept Development:

Solving the need to capture the kinetic energy in fluctuating
wind environments required a design that could respond to its
environment. To find the best solution, we started with
ideation and sketching to push the boundaries and explore the
best design options and possibilities. This also allowed us to
grapple with significant product design challenges early on

An investigation carried out by the SBB (Swiss Federal Railway) has shown that the potential area to be used for wind farming is four times bigger with vertical sky compared to traditional wind turbines.

Pre-production Modelling

Once we identified key visual and technical features, we modelled the vertical wind turbine in CAD, in line with manufacturing requirements, to ensure the test prototype assembly was problem free. In line with this was the need to demonstrate the functions and test how the turbine responded to wind direction and speed changes.

Test Build

Once the test models were created and refined, we handed the details to the manufacturer. We worked closely with them to perfect the turbine prototype that would provide feedback data to AB Power to measure the possible efficiency of the vertical wind turbine and measure the power generation over time and in fluctuating wind environments.

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