Roc 2X


Remotely operated camera control system
Cammotion | Designing A Camera Control System | Consumer Product | User Centred Design, Material Science, Testing, Design For Manufacture
How do you stabilise and control a camera, adjust position, and keep the action centre frame at 10m + high in the air?

Super Compact Design

Modularity for all Camera Sizes

Reliable Remote Operation

Much Improved Usability

The Journey

Most camera heads are more like Mechano kits than Apple products. So Cammotion asked us to create an ultra-compact head powerful enough to manoeuvre broadcast size cameras, with design to match.

Our integrated user-centred design + Engineering produced a remote pan+tilt system, incorporating a new type of motor to offer class-leading control, packed inside a beautiful functional form that’s changed fitting, usability and safety for the camera operators. 

The result? ROC 2X’s are used to capture F1 races from the top of buildings, through to appearing front stage at global performances, where the svelte form means they’re only noticed for the right reasons.

Andrew and his team were incredibly supportive and helpful in getting the ROC2X developed and made. They immediately understood my brief and worked closely with us through all the detailed iterations to fit so much into such a compact space, getting all the additional functionality working. And the portable Control Desk is still one of the most lovely things to handle that we’ve ever worked with! People love it when they pick it up!

Matthew Gladstone

Managing Director, Cammotion Camera Systems

The Design Challenge

Create a pan and tilt head range which is both ultra-compact and tough enough to manoeuvre full broadcast equipment (2X XL).

All in a clean, compact, and professional package.

Our Design Solutions

A CNC machined casing, that utilises high-end motors to provide beautifully stable and noise free video.

Partnering with the ROC console allows simultaneous control of up to five camera heads.

The Delivery

A camera mount that ticks all the boxes.

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