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Technical Enclosure Design For A Trusted Access Control Brand

TDSI | Designing A Door Entry System | Consumer Product | User-Centred Design, Design For Manufacture

Designing the next generation of door entry systems to re-energise a trusted and established access control company.

Updated Visual Brand Language

Key Card Easy Entry

User-Centred Design Approach

Improved User Feedback

The Journey

Realise was asked by TDSI to create a fresh new look for their door entry systems that could fit in easily with high value locations.

Our integrated user-centred design + engineering produced a sleek and secure enclosure design that answered every part of the brief.

The Result? A complete update to TDSI’s card reader range that raises the bar in security and style.

The Design Challenge

To deliver the future of the TDSI card reader range in a sleek new style to set the standard for future products. The key challenge was achieving this visual update will ensuring a robust and secure enclosure design that could resist tampering.

Our Design Solutions

From analysing the strengths of the brand, we used mood boards and style guides to create a distinctive visual brand language that could be used across the product range. We created a range of concepts and ideas, of which a number were selected to develop into 3D prototypes that could be tested with users

The Delivery

Once a final direction was chosen a small number of functional, ‘looks-like’ prototypes were made with silicone tooling which were used to help validate the product in the market. Based on the great feedback they received the card reader range has gone on to become a core part of their product range that they sell today.

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