Product Design & Development

Moving confidently from concept to manufacture is our core strength. We don’t just create beautiful products; we engineer them for success.

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Industrial Design

At our core, we specialise in crafting products that seamlessly blend aesthetics, functionality, and materials. Beyond meeting your specifications, our designs are optimized for peak performance and manufacturability. To find out more on how we achieve this see our process.

Engineering Design

Our technical capabilities ensure we can take ambitious concepts through to functional reality. The products we create are backed by industry standard engineering practices and review processes. Our experienced engineers will ensure the utmost quality in every aspect even in complex projects with thousands of parts.

Rapid Prototyping

Converting ideas into prototypes is crucial for gaining valuable insights from customers and stakeholders efficiently. This proactive strategy reduces risks and speeds up development, ensuring confidence in your project’s direction and progress.

Our internal prototyping workshop allows us to create quickfire models in a range of media including 3D prints. If we can’t handle it, we have trusted partners who can!

Product Testing & Certification

Utilising advanced testing and simulation tools, we’ll rigorously assess your products for optimal performance, safety and reliability, ensuring they meet the highest standards prior to formal certification.

From CE markings and ISO standards to IP ratings and fire regulations, we provide comprehensive support across the board.


GUI & Interface Design

By developing digital and physical components simultaneously we can create a seamless user experience that helps communicate complex ideas and enhances product interaction. Working from user research we’ll create wireframe mockups all the way through to final artwork assets.

Our internal UI expertise and software partners can bring your project from concept to market, whether it’s an app, wearables, or interfaces.


Embedded Electronics

With our extensive experience in electronic product development, we ensure seamless integration of electrical hardware and physical product design. From rapid prototyping using Arduino and breadboard setups in the concepting phase to incorporating electronics requirements in design for manufacture, we cover every stage of the process.

We also work closely with a variety of skilled electronics partners who each bring their own specialisms from small batch in-house PCB manufacturing to EMC testing.


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