Product Branding

Differentiating your product and business in a busy market place is key to reaching your target audience.

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Brand Identity

Our specialists craft strong brand identities tailored to resonate with your audience, leaving a lasting impression and reflecting your commitment to excellence. Developing product and brand identity in tandem ensures a cohesive customer experience, enhancing both product and business perception.

We have extensive experience with naming, visual identity and messaging for products and brands.

Brand Positioning

We collect and analyse data to understand your audience’s needs, behaviours, and preferences deeply. With these insights, we’ll enable you to develop products that genuinely connect with your target customers to drive significant business growth. By helping you effectively position yourself in the market we can maximise your potential impact and success.

Visual Language Strategy

Our design team weaves a visually captivating and commercially grounded language into your product’s DNA. We ensure every detail synchronises with your brand’s values and your audience’s preferences, elevating your product’s visual allure and feel.

Style Guidelines

Style guidelines serve as a foundational framework for developing a cohesive and impactful brand narrative. By creating a strong style can ensure your product and marketing are in alignment to maximise brand recognition and stand out in competitive markets.

We offer visual, naming and feature guidelines to ensure iconic and stand out product ranges.

Marketing Content Creation

Creating compelling marketing and sales material is key to customer engagement and selling your product in the best light. Whilst developing your product we’re perfectly positioned to produce supporting materials from development shots and branding asset to physical and digital models. We can help with product photography, render images, trade show assets and more. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

Packaging & Artwork

First impressions are vital. Our packaging and artwork experts craft visually captivating designs that not only stand out on shelves but also convey your brand’s essence and ensure your product arrives in prime condition. We blend aesthetics with market psychology to effectively communicate with your customers through packaging to leave a lasting impact.

We also offer assistance with overseas packaging and transportation logistics.

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