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Flexible & Folding – Hedkayse is the World’s Toughest Cycle Helmet.

Hedkayse | Designing The Worlds Safest Cycle Helmit | Consumer Product | User Centred Design, Material Science, Testing, Design For Manufacture

A new material that not only folds, but is able to take multiple impacts and still remain safe for use. This is how we use it!

Multi Impact Protectuion

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Foldable & Compact Design

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The journey

Hedkayse came to us with a single requirement: to create a helmet that can be stored in a bag easily.

Our integrated design + engineering took the brif further into design a product that protects better than any other on the market.

The Result? Hedkayse is the World’s Toughest Cycle Helmet. And it looks great on to boot.

The Design Challenge

The team behind Droneliner know a thing or two about aviation.

Accomplished in their own respected fields, the team has come
together with the objective of introducing the world’s largest
UAV cargo aircraft to the market. It will be the first of its
kind to be able to carry 200+ tons (single engine variant) or
350+ tons (twin engine variant) on long-haul journeys at over
500mph (mach 0.7).

Of course, launching a new product into a crowded market is a
tall order. But bringing a new aircraft to an established
industry is an even bigger challenge, no matter how much
knowledge and experience you have.

Droneliner’s next business challenge is raising funds to
develop a demonstration aircraft. To begin this, they needed
compelling visuals to share the vision and business potential
with investors.

That’s where Realise comes in.

Our Design Solutions

Because Enkayse dissipates energy rather than deforming on impact, it also cushions small bumps. Polystyrene can’t do this, since forces which are too weak to deform it are transmitted through.

Enkayse provides comfort in protecting from small bumps. This may also have long-term benefits as researchers believe the cumulative effect of small knocks contributes to brain disease over time.

The Delivery

Final output

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