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Flexible & Folding – The World’s Toughest Cycle Helmet.

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A revolutionary bike helmet that not only folds but is able to take multiple impacts and still remain safe for use.

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Radical New Material

Foldable & Compact Design

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The Journey

Hedkayse came to us with a single requirement: to create a helmet that can be stored in a bag easily.

By using our design process, we were able to evolve the brief and develop a new material that not only folds, but is able to take multiple impacts and still remain safe for consumer use.

The Result? Hedkayse is the world’s toughest cycle helmet with a patented new protective foam material that outperforms traditional polystyrene helmets.

The Design Challenge

To design a lightweight helmet that not only folds for improved portability but also remains safe after multiple impacts unlike traditional helmets.

To design a helmet that was so radically different from anything available at the time required developing a unique new material named Enkayse that has gone on to become a market leading performance foam. We were tasked with bringing all these factors together into a brilliant looking final product for Hedkayse to launch their compancy from.

Our Design Solutions

Realise developed a brand new way of helmet construction that allowed for the product to fold when not in use and made customisation of different colourways a breeze. In addition, a new innovative buckle was created just for the Hedkayse helmet that allowed for quick adjustment and removal

Forming the base of the design is the new material Enkayse. Because it dissipates energy rather than deforming on impact, it also cushions small bumps. Polystyrene can’t do this, since forces which are too weak to deform it are transmitted through.

Enkayse provides comfort in protecting from small bumps. This may also have long-term benefits as researchers believe the cumulative effect of small knocks contributes to brain disease over time.

The Delivery

The final result was a stylish, high performance bike helmet that has earned the title of ‘the world’s toughest cycle helmet’ exceeding safety standards for head protection across extreme temperatures. In addition Hedkayse now has Enkayse, the revolutionary new material that underpins their products and outperforms expanded polystyrene multiple time over.

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