Indoor Hydroponic Garden


IoT Smart Garden For The Millennial Gardener

Gartenzwerg | Designing An Indoor Hydroponic Garden | Consumer Product | User-Centred Design, Testing, Design For Manufacture

A smart indoor hydroponic garden that enables fully automated growing of culinary plants.

Modular System

Flat Pack Design

Easy At Home Assembly

Automatic And Efficient Growing

The Journey

Gartenzwerg asked Realise to create a highly functional indoor hyrdoponic garden in a rustic, user-friendly design.

Our integrated user-centred design + engineering produced a modular system that allows for bespoke configuration that is both high-tech and user-friendly for any small space.

The Result? A production ready design and fully functioning prototype that has helped Gartenzwerg secure further investment and received rave reviews from industry-leading experts.

The Design Challenge

To design a smart hydroponic garden that enables the user to grow plants automatically and efficiently. Gartenzwerg asked us to focus on packaging their high-tech functionality into a rustic, user-friendly design.

We were tasked with redesigning two similar but separate variants of the garden – so modularity was considered throughout the entire design process.

Our Design Solutions

To meet cost targets the product was designed to be lightweight and flat pack-able; yet simple to assemble with minimal tools.

An elegant method of altering the height of the LED lights was also required; along with integrating various sensors monitoring temperature, humidity, light, PH and the water level.

The Delivery

A complete, production ready design for a modular hydroponic system that incorporates a range of technologies making growing food 3x faster using 90% less water than traditional growing. 

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