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A Game-Changing Industrial Digital Flatbed Printer

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An award-winning industrial printer for Fujifilm that gained 50+ sales in its first 6 months, making it the best-selling industrial flatbed printer in the world.

Global Sales In The First 6 Months

Problems Solved

Concepts Explored

Parts Checked and assembled

Multi Award Winning Printer

The Journey

The new game-changing fujifilm wide-format digital flatbed printer has become their most successful printer yet. Installing over two a week, these printers have taken the industry by storm.

Fujifilm’s PRIME and “bigger brother” PRIME L are industrial flatbed printers that set new standards. Over 25 concepts were explored in this highly complex project, with more than 1,000 parts being checked and assembled. Working directly with the manufacturers ensured exceptional quality printing and delivered easy access and efficient use for operators and maintenance teams.

The Result? An award winning printer with huge commercial success that has helped Fujifilm skyrocket into industry leaders. 

Every identified problem


Here’s a few of the main ones…

Unify Brand Language

Unifying the printer range helped increase Fujifilm’s visual value. Its more than just colours, it’s in all the details. Like a common digital language or a familiar workflow across printers that increasese usability for operators as they transition between printers.

Ink & Vacuum Accessibility

Bringing Ink and Vacuum controls within easy, visible reach. In addition we created a packet filling system that minimises wasted ink.

Carriage Access

A complete rationalised redesign of the print head garage and service bay with easy access for all maintenance tasks.

No Rear Components

Making big print jobs easier to manage is also about maximising usable space. The Acuity Prime has been designed with all the print controls at the front of the printer allowing the printer to fit into a smaller sized room.

Ink Tray Cleaning

Designing & implementing an APMS (Automatic Printhead Maintenance System), for print head cleaning. A clean workspace reduces print damage & improves user workflow.


Providing space for accessories, tools, and spares to maximise floorspace and improve safety. The storage space helps keep the workspace tidy increasing usability of the printers.

Delivering ROI

FESPA 22 was the launch of Fujifilm’s new range of printers, we caught up with Fujifilm business director David Burton and marketing manager Kevin Jenner, to discuss the show and the success of their new product range.


The Printer


Existing Products.


The Product.


The Product.

We helped mitigate production risks by working with the manufacturers closely.

Due to the scale of the printers; Inspecting parts, CAD amends in real time, implementing tweaks to speed up production time and clearly communicating manufacturing instructions was crucial to realising the product.

The Result

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