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Improving ROI, productivity, and product optimisation analysis system.

A complete picture of your printer, whether it is maintenance, printer usage, or ink level updates, is extremely valuable. Fujifilm recognised a need to support their customers with a software system that provided the full printer picture.

The result? The new GUI analytics dashboard ties in with the work already done on their printers. Now Fujifilm and their customers have an intelligent management system that takes print efficiency to a whole new level. This is the story…


Key Stake holders currently have

NO WAY to ANALYSE and MANAGE the performance of their printers

Utilisation & ROI

No way of filtering data for Key Stakeholders.


Currently, no user-centred UI to interrogate data.


No way to spot key trends in large data sets.

Customer Loyalty

No unifying system to improve print factory analysis and management.


Realise proposed an INSIGHT DASHBOARD for the Acuity R2 and all future machines to increase ROI, improve maintenance and provide data capture for business strategy this will enhance:


Give users various levels of access.

(Engineer, Operator, Business Owner)


Create an interface that is intuitive to use and ties in with existing GUI.


Provide a clear way to visualise live and historical data.

Future Proofing

Build a platform with a possibility to evolve in conjunction with increasing data.


Realise adherence to key milestones from concept to delivery. The key milestone was to work towards ‘FESPA’, a launch exhibition for the Fujifilm product range.

What was our approach?


To deliver ROI we followed our proven design process analysing, designing and developing.

4 Key Stakeholders | 120 Wireframes

Features and functions are distributed amongst wireframes to address the need of individual key stakeholders. Permission and distribution of data are organised to make the data as easy to access as possible, and to deliver against our proposal.


User testing | 5 Final Dashbourd

These journeys are trialled by end users, and feedback offered helps to simplify and refine the dashboard. Further challenges are met when integrating the designs into the third party software Tableau. Realise collaborate with Data Engineers and Developers to facilitate the information and prepare for launch.

Data Presentation

Displaying data in the right way to help identify trends and analyse results is crucial to running an effective print assembly line.

How did we deliver?

Problem Solved

Key Stake holders Can ANALYSE their printer’s performance from anywhere.

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