Commercial Strategy

All solutions begin with understanding the problem, not the symptom.
We turn deep observation of business, behaviours and market trajectories into actionable insights which drive our thinking.

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Market Research & Analysis

In a world of constant change, staying ahead of the competition is essential. We dig deep into market trends, consumer behaviour, and industry benchmarks enabling you to make informed decisions. Our data-driven market research and analysis provide you with actionable insights and a strategic advantage to ensure market success.

Funding Strategy

A well-crafted funding campaign strategy can be integral to getting a business off the ground. We’ve helped raise £1+ million in funding for our clients through creating compelling concepts and marketing material. We’ve also partnered with crowd-funding specialists that in combination can ensure you’re on the path to success.


Human Centred Design

By prioritizing the end-user in the design process, you not only enhance user satisfaction, but also establish a strong and lasting connection with your target audience which drives brand loyalty and market differentiation.

We utilise a range of processes in our customer-centric approach that are integral to success in the competitive commercial landscape.


Risk Mitigation

By proactively anticipating and managing risks, we can help you safeguard against potential disruptions and uncertainties in terms of cost, time, and reputation. We have a variety of project management and industry standard tools such as DFMEA to call on.


IP, Patents & Trademarking

Intellectual Property (IP) and trademarking serve as vital tools for safeguarding your products. By securing patents for innovative design solutions shields you from future market threats.

We have experience in helping a range of customers obtain IP, Patents and Trademarks in the UK and globally.


Business Model Development

By strategically aligning product development with revenue streams, cost structures, and value propositions, our industry insight ensures a balance between innovation and commercial success, driving sustained growth in the competitive marketplace.

Integrating market analysis with the development process contributes to a viable and scalable business model.


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