User Interface Design

How frustrating is it when you can’t work your brand new phone? Good user interface design can revloutionise a product, or even a whole market. Ah hem… iPhone.


An increasing number of products have an electronic interface that impacts on a user’s experience with the device. There is a massive opportunity to engage the user emotionally by making this interaction as attractive, simple and intuitive as possible.

User interface design includes a range of simple tasks:

    • Icon design
    • User flow diagrams
    • Detailed onscreen mockups
    • User testing
Joy of use
We’ve probably all owned a phone that was terrible to use – unintuitive, unresponsive and in the end, undesirable. By giving the user interface the design time it deserves, it can make

Improved performance and safety
If a product is easy to use and understand, users will get more function out of it, it could be safer!


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