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Far East Manufacturer: From China With Love

We get hundreds of these a month: It’s a humorous side of running a product design consultancy.

Want to launch a product? Advice from Steve Jobs

Unsure about creating and launching a new product? Take some advice from Steve Jobs and then reach out to Realise to help you make a change.

Coffee Cup Tax – Is the paper cup dead?

Realise tackles the issue of disposable coffee cup waste and the soon-to-come “coffee cup tax”.

Realisers Hit the Velodrome

The Realisers head over to the National Velodrome in Wales to bid farewell to a much loved member of the team.

What is Design Registration and is it worth doing?

In light of the latest court battle between Samsung and Apple, Realise discusses design registration and is it worth doing?

Successful Project Manager: 4 Key Traits

Realise’s founder, Andrew Redman discusses his thoughts on the four key traits that make a successful project manager.