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TEDxBristol 2019: Reflect. Rethink. Reboot.

This year we were fortunate to attend TEDx Bristol 2019, based on the themes of Reflect, Rethink, Reboot. Don’t worry if you missed this inspiring event, here’s a few of our insights…

What about the Engineering Design Show: 2019?

The Engineering Design Show is a two-day event at the Ricoh Centre in Coventry, but is it really worth the time out-of-office for product designers?

Defence Sector vs. Product Design

Realise discusses the opportunities to be found in the defence sector and touch on the controversy surrounding potential projects from a product designer’s perspective.

Fireside Summit 2019

Realise’s event review of the Fireside Summit and the lessons that need to be brought forward when incorporating AI and big data into product design.

AUDIO | Jony Ive: The future of design

Listen to the Jony Ive, Apple Inc’s golden child tell his origin story and give his thoughts of the future of design.

What is Product Design?

You may be surprised that one of the most frequent questions we get is: “What is product design?”.

Is HMV really dead?

Will this British household name ever meet it’s end on the high street?

How do you produce viable concepts quickly?

Great products take time, but how can you get a well thought out solution in a much faster time frame? Sprint!