Designing a sustainable concept aircraft

Working with a new start-up and innovative disruptor, Realise have designed a hybrid-electric aircraft to force a much needed change in the aircraft industry.

How do we restart the outdoors?

A follow-up to the ISPO Outdoors event, Tom asks how the sports and outdoors industry will restart offering some top tips for your own micro-adventure as Covid-19 continues.

Sustainability vs. Tech: The Next Big Race in Product Innovation.

Inspired at this year’s ISPO, Realise’s Tom shares some thoughts on the toxic relationship between big brands and consumers in the sports industry.

Defence Sector vs. Product Design

Realise discusses the opportunities to be found in the defence sector and touch on the controversy surrounding potential projects from a product designer’s perspective.

Fireside Summit 2019

Realise’s event review of the Fireside Summit and the lessons that need to be brought forward when incorporating AI and big data into product design.

Want to launch a product? Advice from Steve Jobs

Unsure about creating and launching a new product? Take some advice from Steve Jobs and then reach out to Realise to help you make a change.

Successful Project Manager: 4 Key Traits

Realise’s founder, Andrew Redman discusses his thoughts on the four key traits that make a successful project manager.