Textile Product Design and Prototyping


Need to design, develop & prototype a textile product in the UK?

The Problem: We understand the challenge of prototyping a textile based product in the UK…

  • The few good remaining workshops and suppliers are hard to find and tend to be focused on production rather than development and design.
  • Most traditional textiles companies are experts in making clothes or soft goods with fabrics – not in developing and integrating hard mechanical components.
  • It is tough to keep abreast of such a rapidly changing area, with new materials, components, joining and production techniques being developed all the time – particularly in the area of e-Textiles and ‘smart fabrics’.


The solution: Realise offers you fantastic access to a combination of expertise and creative skills in designing , developing, prototyping and productionising technical textile products.



This is  particularly useful if your product is technically challenging and requires the integration between fabrics and rigid components or materials. We have industry leading expertise in:

  • Creative design of technical textile products, such as personal protective equipment, waterproof clothing, bags, equipment cases and covers – making these desirable, functional and easy to use.
  • Selecting (or in some cases developing) and testing suitable high performance or interesting materials
  • Forming, bonding and welding technical fabrics, films and natural products like leather with moulded plastics, foams and metal.
  • Engineering innovative fastenings, attachments, seals and integration with electronics or controls (eTextiles).
  • Production handover – creating high quality documentation and communicating with factories to ensure samples match your design intent as efficiently as possible.



We’ve delivered high quality design results for a diverse range of projects and people, in performance sports, marine, military, medical, industrial and travel markets – for example:

  • New flexible cycle helmet, which improves concussion protection
  • Safety masks and helmets
  • Children’s travel high chair
  • Jackets, vests and body armour
  • Lightweight balloon kite camera system for oil spill recovery
  • Flexible luggage systems (combining rigid and fabric systems)
  • Safety rucksack to prevent theft
  • Belt worn electronics case for train operators

If you have a tough technical textile challenge that would benefit from leading edge creative design – you need Realise!

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