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Sustainability in Product Design

Let’s not overcomplicate things – as product designers we create stuff. It’s what we do, it’s in our name. To ‘realise’ something is to fully appreciate an idea, to give substance to it, to make it concrete. But how does that sit in a world that is facing a climate emergency alongside resource depletion and increasing waste? How do we justify developing and launching new products, when it is clear the world needs less stuff, not more? It’s a question we take seriously, and it underpins our thinking on ‘positive products’ – products designed to contribute to the world, not take away from it.

As product designers, we need to be responsible for the solutions we provide. Have we explored all the options, raised all the questions? What will each project add, and could it add more? Will it take things in a new direction – a more positive direction? With our expertise in product design working in partnership with our clients’ challenges and aspirations, we want to shine our torches in new places – for a positive effect.

‘Positive Products®’ is designed to bridge the gap between the aspirations of circular design and the heavyweight detail of LCA’s to help develop net positive commercial products in balance with People, Planet & Profits.



At Realise we’re really passionate about good design and the impact that great products can have for our clients and for the world. That’s why we’ve developed a backpack of tools to provide clarity for decision making in the product design process. Making sustainability simpler and easier.

Please take a look at some of the fantastic work we have done.

We have implemented sustainable choices throughout these great products to reduce their impact on the planet. some changes are small, and some are big. The important thing is that with our help, your product will be sustainably optimised by you for a more sustainable future.


Designing a pollution mask that not only looks excellent but uses proven technology to deliver health benefits to its users.


Multiple optical sensors to envelope the working volume of a robot, improving the accuracy of robotic movements throughout the assembly line.


Developing sustainable air travel is one of the most urgent and difficult challenges facing aviation. The Electric Aviation Group (EAG), the world’s first zero-emissions aircraft for short-haul regional flights.


There are serious problems caused by humans impacting the health of our oceans. VMS-100 gathers data for the enforcement agency to control fishing.


A smart thermostat, that can regulate the temperature in the home, is aesthetically pleasing with improved functionality.


This three-year project involved observational research, brand strategy, GUI design, and intensely detailed design development to solve over 30 separate technical and usability challenges.


Cycling Saftey, A new material that not only folds but can take multiple impacts and remain safe for consumer use.


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