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Sector: Industrial Design

The Design Challenge

To design a range of on-ear and in-ear headphones which provide class leading audio to compete with the dominant player in the market: Beats by Dre.

Phonaudio headphone design sketch exploration

Our Design Solutions

An acoustically tuned enclosure design which delivers balanced, clean sound tuned to PhonAudio’s desired timbre.

A unique industrial design which changes significantly with the application of different colours, and finishes to appeal to differing target markets.

Two different product SKU’s (On ear and over ear) which utilise 90% of the same components and thus reduces tooling investment and maximises production run economies.

exploded view of headphone conmpnent design
Electronic volume control design for Phonaudio headphones

Beautiful circular button


Ultra rugged cable


Slide volume control

The Delivery

A beautiful set of headphones that outperforms Beats through a balance, accurate sound

A full manufacturing setup for a startup with technical documentation and supplier handover resulting in right-first-time tooling and production ramp up.

phonaudio headphones on a table