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Aegg Creative Packaging design, manufacture and supply premium food containers. They produce their own range of food packaging, as well as offering a bespoke, creative design service.


The Branding Challenge

When we first got to know Aegg they were called Eurocare and had a meaningless logo they had thrown together when they started.

Aegg were already making waves with our new product design work, but we wanted to unify this with a new brand that would show off their creative offering.


The Branding Solution

We took some care coming up with the Aegg brand, running through our design process:

  • Starting with our Brand Model System we defined how Eurocare needed to be perceived… boiled down to “The best of eccentric British creativity with quality European production.”
  • Next – find a catchy new name… brainstorming produced nearly 100 ideas, from which we eventually selected Aegg (Swedish for Egg – nature’s perfect package) – more quirky than “Egg”, the æ ‘aesch’ is also Saxon for ‘ash tree’ which symbolised flexibility and strength.
  • We then designed an identity to show off the “quirky creativity + quality production” in the name. We pared back loads of concepts to three potential solutions. Obviously we chose the best one to develop.
  • Final logo tweaked, finessed and signed off, we applied the same principles to the design of Aegg’s marketing materials, and started branding up their products as well.


The Results

Aegg are delighted with their new brand. And their confident new look has been well received in the industry, with customers commenting that they are “excited to see something obviously new and exciting on offer”.

You may have noticed there is a certain orange similarity to Realise, but we promise this was a logical decision based on the colour of a rich organic aegg yolk! We can do other colours too – honestly!


“The Realise team is highly responsive and quick to act. Their design work and fast turnaround has been instrumental in wining contracts with top food producers and supermarkets. Coupled with their excellent in-depth branding and identity design, they’ve helped to put us in a very strong market position”.
Anthony Coats – Aegg Founder & Commercial Director

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