• Mobile Phone Security – Design Council Product Design Competition

    The Design Council is part of the Design & Technology Alliance Against Crime – aimed at developing technology solutions to stop the baddies from beating us up and nicking our stuff. As part of this they are running a competition to find a way to make mobile phones “non-nickable”. This is great idea, and the best […]
  • Vortex Camera Mast in the News

    It is very exciting to see Vortex beginning to raise it’s camera head in the news. After the team’s incredible efforts just getting the Vortex working, then throughout last year working reliably, at last there is more time to be able to talk about it. We provided the mechanical skeleton for Matthew Gladstone’s concept, making […]
  • Army Firepower Demonstration 2009

    Last month, an email landed in my inbox inviting Realise Design to go along to the Army Firepower Demonstration. The demo was billed as an opportunity to see the entire range of weapon systems used by the British Army firing live at targets within a couple of kilometres of the viewing area. Of course, we […]
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