• South Coast Design Coverage

    Sneak a quick look at SCDF’s (South Coast Design Forum) current newsletter to spot some Realise news in the wild! Our VORTEX 30m TV Camera Mast won the Guild of Television Cameramen seal of approval for best new product – lucky for us the SCDF are proud of this too! The Vortex took Andrew and […]
  • Realise Has a Lesson in Business Development

    Today we welcomed our new employee Fiona to the office. About 6 months ago Fiona approached us for advice on how to move from teaching teenagers Product Design and get ‘into’ the business of Product Design. After lots more discussion on the subject we offered Fiona the position of Business Development Manager, and fortunately she accepted. […]
  • Juniper Innovations – New Branding for Budding IT Consultancy

    A couple of months ago Realise were awarded the contract to re-brand and build a new website for Juniper Innovations, a leading IT consultancy in warehousing, logistics and IT strategy. We met their managing director Richard Knight when we worked together on a new product distribution assessment. At some point during that project Richard and […]
  • Realise at the Buzzing Edge of Innovation

    We’ve recently developed a bad habit of making awful bee jokes… but we promise to ‘bee-have’ better in future.  The reason for this sharp drop in our humour quality is Realise has been working with our partners ML Electronics to develop a ‘bee feeding machine’ for start up Inscentinel Ltd. What?! Why on earth do […]
  • Nidecker and Wavesport Design Competitions

    As a young product designer, competitions are one my favourite ways of keeping current with trends whilst  sharpening my skills. Core77, a product design blog and all-round resource site, frequently posts calls for entries into a variety of creative challenges. In the last couple of months, I have put pencil to paper for two of […]
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