• Realise News: Facebook

     If you aren’t already following us on Facebook, then why not track us down and ‘Like’ our page. We post some very interesting video clips, news and info about product design and Realise to keep the most avid design fan amused and entertained during those all-too-frequent coffee breaks! Come over and take a look […]
  • Vortex Camera Mast Films London Marathon

    Did you watch the London Marathon this year? You may have noticed some really great shots from Vortex – which was positioned at the end of The Mall, in front of Buckingham Palace. Vortex was capturing shots of the runners approaching the corner and then it dropped down as it followed them round the corner […]
  • Vortex Used in Opening Shots of “Attack The Block”

    Cammotion’s Vortex Camera Mast were used for the opening tower block shots in a new film “Attack the Block”. The film by the producers of Shaun of the Dead, is based in a London housing Estate invaded by really nasty aliens. And somehow it falls to the local teen gang to sort them out. It […]
  • Back to Basics… Rebranding a Primary School

    The Realise trio spent a fantastic morning out last week with the staff and students of Britford and Odstock Primary Schools in Salisbury. The two schools are merging and from September the new school will be known as Longford Primary; so to accompany the new name, a new logo was needed and this is where […]
  • New Scientist Catches The Realise Buzz

    Here at Realise we are very pleased about our latest magazine fame! New Scientist has written a fantastic piece about a recent product we have been working on which we refer to as the ‘Bee Hotel’. Working alongside ML Electronics, we designed and manufactured a bee training device designed to reward groups of bees with […]
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