Life is interesting…

At Realise Product Design, we get a lot of ideas thrown at us.

Most are solid and clever ideas, some are great, some are inconceivable and board on the far side of lunacy, but they all come to us for one thing: Delivery.

We aren’t called “Realise” Product Design for no reason. We help to bring thoughts into reality: to Realise them. (Drum roll please.)

People spot problems in the world all the time, and living in Britain, you cant spend a day without people complaining about something that didn’t get them from position A to solution B in “the way it promised on the tellybox” 20 years ago.

What makes a difference, what really makes a difference, is when someone believes passionately enough about something that they actually stick their neck out, take a risk and do something about it.

Our latest startup escapade was one such case: Euan Cox, A teenage inventor with a solution to pesky action cam photography – It’s always wobbling about when you hold it at optimum selfie length and you can’t ever seem to get yourself in the shot, you’re the one that’s shelled out £300 for the latest GoPro so shouldn’t you be the one in shot? Not just what’s in front of you, your hands and your front tyre.

What Euan has crafted is a solution that allows you to actually capture yourself when using your action cam. The real meaningful moments. And he’s done it by creating a low-cost mounting solution that attaches to pretty much anything: A kayak, a boat, a motorbike, a windsurfing pole, even your own back! Along with some clever design thinking (if we don’t say so ourselves) to fulfil the needs of your average adrenaline junkie and cover all the crazy situations people put themselves in when doing action sports.

Euan is currently running on Kickstarter so if you need something like this in your life (and lets face it if you own a GoPro, you probably do…) Support him by putting in a pre-order or even just sharing his story with someone you know might need one.

Link to kickstarter page here

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