A Junior Realiser

Well, here I am. Six months into my role at Realise Product Design, Bristol.

Realise is nestled at the side of Temple Meads train station. The studio is a brilliant little environment for design thinking. The design studio sits within a huddle of other studios with activity not dissimilar to a bee-hive. A great thing about being in such an environment is that your exposed to a constant momentum whereby you’re part of a positive creative community.

But, who are Realise? Where best to answer this question than on the brown leather sofa where I sat for the first time. So, here we go.


Day-to-Day Design

Each morning, coffee is brewed (or tea, if you’re a sophisticated gentleman like me) to fuel the team and pencil is put to paper. No day is ever the same. There’s something new to explore, wrestle with, and then break out a silent victory fist pump when you’ve solved it.

A day may consist of facing the challenges of a problem placed before you and this is where it gets exciting. A multiplicity of things can happen from here, such as getting waist deep in research. We’d love to have Realise branded white lab coats when we do research, but we don’t (yet). However, we do relish in finding out new things. Everyone knows that a better understanding leads to better informed decision. A week researching is a week well spent and places more confidence in successfully taking a project down the right path.

Then. maybe, the intercom system screeches its high pitch voice to let us know a client has arrived. Sat on the brown leather sofa being face-to-face with a client sat around a table brainstorming, armed with post-it notes and sharpies, is a moment of team unification, including the clients’. A splurge of creative freedom in these sessions really allows for all to get involved, where no idea is a bad idea.

All that thinking needs fuelling, so, at lunchtime, there’s a local bakery a hundred meters from our door. A dangerous midday contemplation. Fridays, which for us is coined as Fat Food Friday (FFF), inevitably leads into a debate on which takeaway we shall have for lunch – vote Burritos!

To counter the effects of our gluttony we also dabble in the art of table tennis and all have our own preferred means of staying fit. I’m a trail runner which adds to the mix of cycling, rowing and squash here at Realise.

Later it might be time to play with the robots! Okay, even though there isn’t a Wall-E or Tars walking around the studio, we do have a Formlabs2 and Ultimaker2 on standby for producing prototypes. These are simplistic systems to use and the results are impressive. Having built the CAD model and using a SLA or FDM print really helps a client, and ourselves, to tangibly understand a concept.

At the end of the day we occasionally get social too. Just the other day we did a 14mi cycle to Bath where we quenched our thirst with a refreshing pint (or 5 in some cases!) of the Electric Bear Brewery’s own beer.


Design at Realise

Having worked in all three design environments – freelance, in-house and consultancy – the difference with working at Realise is that the design here is refreshing.

As a designer at Realise you’re attuned to being holistic, collaborative and open-minded, inquisitive, yet constructive in your approach to product design. Having worked on a few projects now, these are fundamental attributes to the effective design process here at Realise.

Being a Junior product designer, you learn fast and grow fast. I’m studying and drafting together a presentation focused on design thinking strategy and implementation, that can then later be shared with the team. I’d say that this is one of the biggest perks working at Realise product design. Though small, the studio is packed with knowledge, resource and willingness to expand it.

Any project can come through the door which ensures exposure to new trends and techs, industries, and people. For me, each project means new responsibilities that make the project intensely more personal, of which the time invested is worthwhile, and where connections made with clients are human.


Who are Realise Product Design?

Realise is a small team with a big vision. It has a journey ahead of it and one that each member looks to do their part. We bring different views, ideas and experiences to the table all influenced by our individual abilities, skill and knowledge. And, when not totally clued up, we know the right questions to get us the information for understanding both client and consumer.

These guys know their stuff and apply it well. They’re also some of the most genuine people in the field committed to delivering wholesome design and successful solutions. This is probably why clients return for more.

For we are…The Realisers.