Realisers Hit the Velodrome

In light of one of our longstanding product designers Rob leaving, Realise Design we had one last secret social for him planned.

On the morning of our long-kept secret, our fellow intern Callum enlightened us to the disasters of the Velodrome, explicitly crashes and injuries. Thanks Callum.

With most of us having the thought of this possibly being our last day in the office due to Callum’s comments and with one last Hart’s Bakery snack we convoyed to Newport.

On reaching Newport the secret could no longer be hidden from Rob as the large building that was the Velodrome came into view.

A quick change of outfit and a sizing up of fixies we wheeled our way into the arena. If you know anything about track racing in a velodrome (of which I now know a little) there are incrementing levels of steepness very much like the grading of ski runs.

The first thing you notice on entering the Velodrome is the sheering face of the first corner. This was nothing short of being massively intimidating.

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As most of us product designers had never imagined ourselves in such a situation we immediately chose the black line as our limit for the day. We were soon sat in front of our coach (Matt) like school children ready for registration.

With registration done we hit the track. We went from the safe zone to the white, to the black and then the blue. With each lap and the coaching from Matt our confidence grew.

We no longer worried about the sound of the tyres trying to slide out from beneath us. We no longer worried about the possibility of crashing or injury. All we knew was that the boards (the outer most part and the steepest part of the track) was all that stood in our way from becoming champions.

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Gliding round in perfect formation we lined up the heights where only those truly chosen could reach. Our time had come. There was no going back.

As the lead made their ascent we followed, each tasting the sweet cool air of such heights. The Realisers had made it.

Aside from all that glory, we were knackered. Without knowing it we had been pushing ourselves at quite a speed. It must have been the adrenaline of it all.

To comfort us we had chocolate bars, sugary drinks and anything else that might push you towards becoming diabetic but by Joe was it needed.

However, amidst all this euphoria we come to a time poignancy.

Sadly, it’s time for us at Realise Product Design to say goodbye to Rob who has been with us for the past 3 years.

Yet, with every ending comes a new beginning and although Rob’s silhouette fades against the setting sun as he leaves our humble Bristol based product design team and heads towards an epic travelling experience, we are delighted to welcome David Aitken and the experience he’ll bring to the team here at Realise.