Patent Search

If you’re going to launch a new product, you need to know what you’re up against and protect valuable assets


You might think your intellectual property (IP) is original, but without a worldwide patent search, you won’t know for sure. It’s not just about whether you can get a patent, it’s about knowing if you’re even allowed to start selling in your key markets.

There are various types of protection that you can take out on your IP. These include patents, trademarks and registered designs. We can assist you in searching for competing IP, understanding how this might affect your project and drafting the applications.
Reduce your risk
Development and manufacturing is expensive. The last thing you want after importing a container-load of your fantastic new product is to find a ‘cease and desist’ notice on your doormat.

Protect your assets
If you’re hoping to license your idea, robust IP will be the cornerstone to any profitable deal. If you don’t have IP protection in place, the licensee won’t be interested, or worse, they’ll just copy your idea.

Slow down your competition
If you’ve got a winning idea, it’s inevitable that it will be copied. Having the best protection in place creates barriers for competitors, and could generate additional licensing fees for you.


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