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Published: March 24, 2018


Ocean plastic

Celeb status

Sustainable product design is on everyone’s radar

So here at Realise, we have got excited about how some of our hero companies have used plastic in a sustainable way to make new plastic containers. So, how about this one for true innovation and sustainability?

Plastic to fantastic!

With the help of the musician and fashion designer Pharrell Williams and eco-thread company Bionic Yarn, there is now a way of turning plastic into regular denim. How cool is that? Especially when we learn that by next year the global annual consumption of plastic is expected to break through the 300 million-tonne mark. Equally unsettling is the statistic that we recycle less than 10% of this. The range is due to launch on August 15th through Dutch fashion brand G-Star RAW, with new collections being released each season. The height of fashion, from the depths of the ocean.

We love Bionic Yarns strapline on their website – “Let’s reap more from what we sew”. Watch this short animation video to find out more:


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