New Product Development Process

Over the years we’ve refined and honed our proven new product development process to successfully develop products from start to finish. Our approach has been optimised to reduce risk and increase return on investment.

Briefing & Investigation

Gain deep knowledge of your business, users and requirements, aiming to uncover the valuable insights that make for a better product. This information forms the design brief which guides our decision making for the rest of the project.

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Creatively explore ideas as widely as possible, brainstorming, sketching and testing simple models. Finally screening concepts to present the best for you to select for development.

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Detail & Refine

Refine the details of the chosen design, working on mechanisms, developing the form and function. Develop 3D CAD or proof of principle prototype, useful for early stage user feedback or to generate commercial interest.

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Engineer & Prove

Optimise and verify the design details in 3D CAD, rigorously test the technical feasibility and usability with prototypes prior to manufacturing commitment.

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Design for Manufacture

Undertake value engineering to raise quality and reduce manufacturing costs. Create high quality manufacturing documentation to communicate your design intent to suppliers

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