Medical Product Design

With such an explosion of knowledge – we need human centred design to convert this into life changing new products 


There are powerful trends occurring in the convergence between medical technology and changes in society brought about by the internet.

  • Socially, people are far more informed and demanding, expecting to be fully involved in health decisions.
  • The market is fragmenting and growing in complexity. In just 100 years the growth in technology and care choices has been astonishing. What will be available in the future?
  • The boundaries of life are starting to blur at the merging of individual biology, smart drugs, sensing electronics, nano-technology, information systems and the wider community.

This has some really interesting implications for future medical devices, opening up radical new opportunities to combine emerging technology with good human-centred product, service & information design.

Realise is well placed to help you ride this wave with expertise in human centred design and creating products that people like and accept into their lives.

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