The sea is tough. It is the ultimate product killer, this makes design crucial to a products survival. 


On deck a product is going to be drenched with salt water, maybe violently, exposed to supercharged corrosion and abrasive salt crystals. It’s probably going to take some big knocks, be dropped or hit, and if attached to the vessel experience long term vibration.

People can also struggle, possibly being cold, seasick, totally unbalanced with only one hand and little energy to spare. This turns the simplest of tasks and interfaces on dry land, into mind bending trials that can easily result in errors, perhaps in life critical situations.

Andrew originally trained as a Naval Architect at Southampton University and has sailed all his life, both in competitive dinghy racing and ocean yacht sailing including two trans-atlantic crossings. So we understand this environment, the difference between a binnacle and a barnacle, and when to use a nomex cored composite panel or a bit of steel plate.
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