Of course good design can revolutionise consumer products. But what about functional industrial equipment? 


People often assume that because a product is functional they don’t need to worry so much about it’s design. This means that there are even greater opportunities to win through ‘Good Design’… Good Design can position your brand higher in the market by aligning your product attributes: styling, feel, function and usability – allowing you to charge a premium for your products.

Good Design will also lower the cost of your product, by reducing the number of parts, making tooling simpler, using cheaper processes and materials, whilst making it easier to assemble and maintain.

Smart companies know this is the clever way to differentiate, creating more profitable products, a better customer experience and a defendable market position. Over time this could make a huge difference to the value of your company.

Realise can offer you a great deal of experience in this sector. Unusually for a creative design agency, we are both engineers and product designers. We have proven ourselves with projects like VORTEX – a 30m carbon-composite TV/Film camera mast. In addition we have:

  • Designed a backpack herbicide sprayer that reduced overspray by 50% (solving a significant problem that had eluded large R&D teams for more than 20 years).
  • Helped develop the first returnable packaging and vending machine filling system for laundry detergent sold in supermarkets.
  • Even designed a machine to automatically train bees how to detect semtex!

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