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Published: July 10, 2020

How do we restart the outdoors?

There is no delicate way to say that if it were not for Covid-19, the last few months would have flown by in an entirely different way. 2020 was put on hold and the world’s plans were cancelled whilst we were all confined to the four walls of our humble abodes. Even the freedom to go outdoors was temporarily taken away.

Do you believe in a good crisis?

If you are in the same camp as those who believe that a serious crisis should never go to waste, you might also see an incredible opportunity for the sports and outdoor industry to evolve. This is a sentiment echoed at the start of the month by speakers at ISPO Re.Start Days – an interactive and digital conference reimagined from what would have been Outdoor by ISPO and held at Messe München. So, what does the future look like outdoors? Not just for us, but also for the retailers, brands, and service providers?

If it wasn’t for Covid-19

Before the current crisis, the spotlight was on climate change and concerns over sustainability and it seems like a lifetime has passed since the team were marching with Greta Thunberg in Bristol.

Post Covid, it seems that these concerns have been amplified by people who have been forced to consider what really matters. Some companies may have to pivot to match changes in consumer demands, but Covid has not thrown everyone off their game completely. There are some companies who already have sustainability built into their brand’s DNA and are working towards goals they have already set far in the future.

Whilst the dust is yet to settle from Covid and we consider our current (toxic) relationship with the big brands, we need to look ahead. Together, brands and their users will have to find a way to have a conversation and figure out how the different outdoor seasons might look. Realise are particularly interested to see how tourism and skiing industries will collaborate to get people back on the mountain so we can re-plan the team ski trip that was cancelled back in March.

We are all somewhat at the mercy of our governments recommendations and their overarching control. But, whilst the big dogs and industry leaders are navigating their way through the unknown, there is no reason we cannot explore our immediate outdoors, with an outdoor mindset. To get you started we have a few top tips.

Top tips for your next outdoor micro-adventure


  • Take the time to make a plan. Building your anticipation and getting creative with what you can do with your day, no matter how small your adventure might be will make it even more rewarding.
  • Explore your daily surroundings in a new way. Why not try to re-invent your commute and take a different route? If you usually drive, maybe try cycling but be sure to stay safe and wear a helmet!
  • Find some contrast. The outdoors is often our antidote to busy city life because it gives us the exact opposite to what we are used to. Choose your own adventure style but move away from what you would normally do.
  • Tell someone about your adventure. Reflecting on what you’ve done and how adds value to any experience. So speak to a friend and don’t just share a pretty photo on social media.


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