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The Next Generation Of Wide Format Hybrid Industrial Printer

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The world’s best wide format hybrid digital printer, the perfect balance between user-centred design, high-quality ink and ink head technology and stunning aesthetics. 

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The Journey

Until recently, operators had to adapt to circumvent a printer’s restrictions. The new hybrid printer table is designed to give them the power and flexibility to do what they do best.

Intuitive functionality runs through the entire design, with quick release functionality and easy-to-use alignment guides. Switching between roll-to-roll, flat boards and large print media has never been easier, making this new hybrid printer the best in the world!

The Result? Fujifilm’s most adaptable hybrid printer yet – it’s simple to use and can easily tackle even the most complex printing jobs.

Every identified problem


The problem; At large scale, key stakeholders found production difficult and slow.

After taking the time to understand the production workflow, we devised the following solutions.


The table self-aligns and attaches directly to the printer with a push. Our custom latch design ensures a secure fit with no tools required.

Detachment is just as easy with a quick-release handle at the side.

Ease of use was the focus to reduce downtime and drive productivity.


Shelves provide a place to store media rolls right where they are needed.

A tray on either side of the bed offers a safe place to keep other tools.


For larger media, an additional panel folds up and clicks into place, extending the tabletop surface in seconds.

Removable stanchions attached to the table, allowing multiple media rolls to be printed simultaneously.

Media Control

Alignment tools make set-up a breeze and reduce the risk of misprints and jams.

Adjustable sliding mechanisms ensure seamless compatibility with the largest variety of media imaginable.

Flat Pack

Designed to be flat packed for efficient transportation. Maximum units per container minimise Fujifilm’s cost and carbon footprint.


Perfect print quality needs a perfectly level print bed… So we made one.

Intelligent Air Flow

A powerful vacuum system is integrated into the print bed to hold even the thickest card flat securely.

Smart vacuum zones focus pressure where needed, and the entire system was simulated by us using computational fluid dynamics to optimise airflow.

The Result

All of these fantastic design features come together to form Fujifilm’s most adaptable hybrid printer yet – it’s simple to use and can easily handle complex printing jobs.

Proof that comprehensive and creative design has the power to deliver market-leading results. Discover the power for yourself, and give us a call!

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