Whilst budgets tighten, our forces must perform in yet more complex situations. Good innovation can help them adapt 


Advancing technology means our servicemen and women have to deal with a proliferation of equipment and information. They’re also having to adapt to wiley enemies. Plus changes in society adds other pressures, like the drive to improve personnel welfare or reduce carbon footprint. These can create positive opportunities, for example reducing energy consumption can also extend operation time and perhaps reduce weight.

Realise has good experience working on technical products and machinery, such as the EDOCS surgical oxygen unit, lightweight military beds and ablution units. We are well versed in making products for extreme environments like that on board ocean going yachts, plus we understand the demands of the military.

Typical benefits of Defence innovation:

  • Reduced weight
  • Improved usability – make equipment simpler, easier, faster and more reliable to use.
  • Improved ergonomics – make things easier to hold or carry, increasing comfort and service time.
  • Increased robustness and reliability in harsh environments.
  • Simplified construction, reduce cost of manufacture, easier to maintain.
  • Improved appearance – assuming equal function, even the most battle hardened like to carry better looking gear – cool kit certainly doesn’t harm morale!

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