Creative Product Design

How do you navigate the exciting, but dangerous territory of new product development to ensure you arrive at the most successful product possible?


You need the right process, bags of creativity and an experienced, practical team to realise it (that’s us, by the way).Why a process? Well, it might sound a bit boring, but far from it. We know from experience that this process works. It gives us a framework of stages to create, evolve and select ideas. The result is fast, efficient work, more creativity, reduced risk and the best possible result…

Creating a great product usually involves all of these steps:

    • User & Market Research
    • Design Briefing & Specification
    • Concept Generation
    • Modelling & Mock Ups
    • Design Development
    • 3D CAD
    • Visualisation & Animation
    • Prototyping
    • User Testing
    • Detailed Design Engineering
    • CAD Based Simulation & Verification
    • Material, texture, colour and finish selection & specification
    • Design for Manufacture
    • Manufacturing Documentation
    • Supplier selection and production handover

Benefits of Creative Product Design

Desirable products = Smart business
We enable businesses to compete through better, more innovative products. Customers love products that look good and feel good.

Added Functionality
Improving or enhancing the functionality of your product can make it more useful and can give it the edge over the competition.

Drive down manufacturing and production costs
Getting involved early in the product development, we can help ‘design out’ costly parts and manufacturing processes. This can have a huge impact down the line.

More enjoyable process
Let’s face it creating a new product is challenging but great fun and we’ve found the best results come when you are as much a part of this as possible.
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