Coronavirus: Change of Plan

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Published: April 1, 2020

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Change of Plan

To ski, or not to ski?

It’s another week on the lockdown and we thought long and hard about sending out an email or blog post.

Like us, you’ve probably been bombarded with emails and many have hit the bin folder.

Though of course it is important to communicate that we are open for business (working remotely is common practice for a design agency), today we should have been going even more remote and all jetting off to France for a week’s ski trip. This was to be a big thank you to the team for all their amazing work this year. Given everything going on, we definitely can’t complain.

Now unfortunately, this Corona Virus is no Aprils fool joke. But we are seeing a positive in this let down.

The Innovation Avalanche

In normal times innovation is a hard uphill struggle against entrenched habits and complacency. In extraordinary times, innovation is inevitable and happens fast, like an avalanche. The trick is to see it as a challenge, and if we’ve learnt anything from skiing or snowboarding, despite the fear, you can only be effective if you commit to the slope and “lean down the hill” (or roof top) with your safety kit and tools in your rucksack.

This kind of unprecedented situation is scary. The future is uncertain… and no one knows what’s going to happen next or just how the Coronavirus will effect product design agencies. Though of course we’re disappointed to not actually be in the mountains, there are now more important things to talk about.

Our Realise Coronavigator:
What the heck is going on?

Find out what we are doing and how we are working as a team to ensure it’s virtually business as usual at Realise on our Realise Coronavigator page.

Coronavirus: How can we all help?

Helping in our local community


How the creative industries can help with tackling the Coronavirus

  • UN Creative Brief Open brief to all creatives and influencers to create local content
  • IDEO Challenge How might we rapidly inform and empower communities around the world to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak?
  • Funding Competition from the UK Government focused at business led innovation response to global disruption.


How the business community can help



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