Consumer Product Design

It’s getting harder for marketing to push mediocre products 


Consumer expectations are rising fast, people are connected like never before and increasingly savvy…

Old school business might view this as a threat, but the smartest companies know something very exciting:

Make a great product for your user and they will repay you

When people sense that you care about designing a really great product, you’ll stand out from the other bland corporations. This kind of product will then harness the rising power of ‘word of mouth’ to work in harmony with your own marketing. Real consumer driven product innovation is more rewarding for everyone. Sounds simple… so how do you do it properly?

Realise helps businesses like yours to discover real human insights, possibly combined with new technology, to create beautifully designed, affordable products that make people smile and reach for their credit card. 80% of this comes through our proven, staged design process, but the 20% that makes it special comes from the creativity and passion within our talented team.

Added Functionality
Improving or enhancing the functionality of your product can make it more useful and can give it the edge over the competition.

Consumers will love your product
We make products that look good and feel good. We know how to make desirable products that appeal to potential customers and get them to choose your product over any others.

Minimise manufacturing & production cost
By getting involved early in the product development process, we can help to ‘design out’ costly parts and manufacturing processes. This can have a huge impact down the line.


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