Concept Design

Creatively exploring solutions to the Brief


Concept design is about translating, exploring and resolving the design brief – turning an idea scribbled on a napkin into a believable, viable and usable product.

Firstly, the problem is examined and a range of possible solutions are explored. We make educated decisions on the best design options through cycles of research, innovation, sketching and evaluation strategies.

During the concept design, we will focus specifically on the overall styling and functional details of the product. We will carry out rapid, foam model studies to test basic ergonomics and aesthetics. We will then model simple versions in 3D CAD to test the basic layout and functional geometry. We will often conclude this stage with a visual concept presentation and some indicative manufacturing costs.

You then review with us what we’ve created, our recommendations and how these fit with the brief, so that together we can choose a winning direction to go into the development design…


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