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Published: March 28, 2019

2018 Round Robin

Realise Product Design Agency

A Year at a Product Design Agency

As 2018 rolls to an end, it’s time to reflect on what the past year has brought the Realise team and our clients in what has been an important year for us, our 10th year of business!

Realise – Ten at Ten

2018 has been a hugely important year for the growth of Realise design as we achieved our longstanding goal to (sustainably) reach a team of 10 Realiser’s who can deliver on creative but complex and technical challenges for our clients.  This comes as we also reach an important milestone; our tenth year of business!

This year we’ve been joined by Alex Lomer who brought his Design Engineering skills over from the smart vehicle sensor sector to strengthen our technical focus, and Callum Taylor who re-joined the team as Industrial Designer after a successful placement year and having obtained a first-class degree in Product Design from UWE (nice one Callum!).  Growing and broadening the team and its skillsets is vital to enable us to continue to deliver


The Celebrations Went Downhill…

As part of our 10-year celebrations the team jetted off to Morzine for well-deserved week of indulgence in cheese, wine, and of course Skiing! We learnt some important lessons about each other along the way slightly off-the-wall team bonding activities; David Connell’s love of organisation and planning extends to ski-lift schedules and piste maps – (Strictly) organised ‘fun’!

We also learnt some team members shouldn’t be in charge of their own facial hair decisions (Nice handlebars there chaps), and that being on a snowboard doesn’t necessarily make you cool…


Client Successes

This year’s growth and success has of course been made possible due to both the continuing support of our lovely clients; and through new collaborations and relationships. Some key successes we’ve helped our clients with this year include:


New Partnerships

This year has also been the year of new and strengthened partnerships. Launching a new a joint initiative ‘The Product Partnership’, a Bristol based product innovation group, with longstanding collaborators Amalgam Model Makers, and Cubik Innovation electronic engineers. This strengthens our offering and allows Realise to offer full turnkey solutions across Prototype, Design, and Electronic services.


We’ve also been exploring exciting, totally new partnerships and collaborations. As a founding member of Bristol 24/7 and it’s Better Bristol campaign to champion design solutions to further Bristol businesses growth and success, and through linking up with Sustainable Sidekicks to further our Sustainability knowledge and design offering.


Finally, we’ve recently partnered with independent coffee roasters Blind Owl to ensure the team’s caffeine fix comes from a sustainable, local source. Zing!

Looking ahead to 2019

We’re excited about the year ahead and the challenges it brings; from designing 7m long industrial equipment to handheld electronic devices and the opportunities.

As we continue to grow and expand into the studio that has served us well over the last 6 years, recent visitors may have noticed we’re almost out of space (What a lovely problem to have!). So, 2019 will also be the year we begin to look at a new studio which canl see us through the next 10 years and beyond.

Fear not though, we’re committed to Bristol and the South West, so any move won’t see us move too far from our current site in Temple Studios.


Let’s get started

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