4 Packaging Innovation Trends for 2013/14

This is just a ‘snap shot’ of what we, as product designers, and other packaging experts, predict will be the 4 areas of packaging innovation that consumers will demand from their packaged goods in the coming years. Its an exciting time to be involved in packaging!


1. User friendly Packaging

We all want and need  easy to open packaging. We as consumers at some point get annoyed by a product being hard to open, even more so for the elderly. As product designers of food packaging, we realise this is a vital design challenge for the success of a product.  As some brands and companies have embraced this, others are being left behind.

single serve spagetti

2. Convenience & Single Serve Packaging.

As we all need convenience, many of the food products we buy come in large family size bags and containers. Alot of food gets wasted as it goes past the shelf life so the need for single serve and smaller packs of products is an area we think can be improved on. With the possibility of increased packaging waste there will be the need for the pack to be either compostable  or recyclable.


3. Unique Printing techniques.

Interactivity between the package and the consumer is the next avenue to build the romance between your brands and your customers. We are on the cusp of transformation in the way that packaging engages consumers. Interactive packaging is advancing with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and pilot projects are underway in a variety of industries as companies vie to capitalize on the first mover advantage.

earthcycle_pg1 (1)

4. Innovative packaging materials.

We believe our role in design and innovation can help reduce the amount of packaging materials used and enable a future where all packaging is recycled or its value is recovered. We
also believe that renewably sourced materials are an important key to our future and collaborative innovation is necessary to turn this vision into reality.