Is simple product design sometimes the best?

often simple product design is the best product design

often simple design is the best design

The weekend saw the introduction of the new Gu Christmas Bauble Range which we designed – our simplest project this year. Gu already knew what they wanted and just needed it “Realised”.

It started with a brief and a quick napkin sketch. We went straight into CAD, as in this instance it was quicker than sketching, letting us explore different feet ideas in a virtual prototype. From quick renders, a design was chosen, prototyped and the green light was pressed for manufacture. All in the space of a few days. This punchy little project reminded us of one of our “Realise Rules”: keep your idea simple and get to market to fast. The fact it’s launched this week, goes to prove that often the simplest ideas have the highest chance of getting to market.

If you have an idea you want to get to market, get in touch. Otherwise check out the super speedy steps we went through with our packaging partner Aegg:

brief napkin sketch

Napkin sketch

gu xmas bauble ideas

Exploring feet opitions

solidworks final Gu christmas bauble

Final CAD design selected by Gu